Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sorobon Beach Resort

During our recent Bonaire trip, we stayed at the Sorobon Beach Resort for the first time. The Sorobon is right next to the windsurf places on Lac Bay, and had just recently been converted from a "naturalist" (nude) to a regular hotel. Here are some pictures:

The picture above is a view from the little pier, which is shown in the picture below.

Jibe City and the Bonaire Windsurf Place are right next to the Sorobon.

Overall, we loved our stay at the Sorobon. It was nice not needing a car, and just being able to walk over to the hotel during lunch breaks and in the evenings. We had breakfast in the Sorobon every day, and dinner twice. The breakfast was fine - more European than American, although they did have scrambled and cooked eggs. The dinner was good, although not as good as at some places in town, and more expensive than some of the in-town places.

The one bedroom apartment was fine. Each apartment is one half of a bungalow, with a decent sized living room, small bedroom, and bath. Water pressure was great, and we always had hot water (which has not been the case in other hotels we stayed at). The room had A/C, which we never used - we just left the windows open. Our room was close to the ocean, and the steady breeze kept things cool, and mosquitos away. That's a big plus compare to other places, where we often got up in the middle of the night to hunt mosquitos.

The one draw back of the Sorobon is that it's more expensive than many other places (the current weekly list price for a condo is $1350, plus $76 pp is you want breakfast). We had actually booked at an even higher price, but they were nice enough to give us their sale price that they had for January ($99/night) when we asked. A studio at the Kontiki, which is probably a bit larger than the apartments at the Sorobon, costs about $600 less for a week (2 windsurfers), even after including a rental car.

The people working at the Sorobon were all very nice and helpful - a real pleasure to deal with. The beach is also nice, and we saw a lot of families with young kids. For windsurfers who want to bring their non-windsurfing family, the Sorobon is a great choise. We'll definitely think about going back to the Sorobon next year.

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