Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome, spring thermals!

The wind forecast called for 13 mph. But it was warm and sunny, without a cloud in sight! So the sea breezes kicked in. Kalmus had WSW winds around 20 for 3 hours. The iWindsurf meter showe NNW wind, but that was wrong, as it often is these days - all that snow and ice in the winter must have damaged something. But the wind strength was real!

Nina did not trust the wind to stay up, so I sailed alone. There were a few lulls when the wind thought about decoupling, but I was planing on my 6.5 most of the time. Boston saw temperatures in the 60s today, but the Cape stays cooler during the spring - air temps at Kalmus were in the high 40s (9ÂșC). The water is definitely getting warmer; it's probably in the mid to high 40s near Kalmus. Warm enough for me to work on some tricks, including a few where I was guaranteed to get wet. Fun! Here are a few Clew-View shots:
Warming up with Duck Jibes
Switch Jibe
Heli Tack
Jump Jibe. You know the water is getting warmer when I do these!

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