Friday, August 28, 2015

Sarah-Quita's movie

Sarah-Quita Offringa is making a windsurf movie. That's great - good windsurf movies are rare, and Sarah-Quita is perhaps the best female windsurfer in the world. Nobody has beaten her in freestyle competition since 2008. She's collected 9 world championships, including one in slalom. There's a good chance she'll add a 10th one this year, again in slalom. She is 23 years "old". And she has been knighted. Monty Python would be jealous!

So yes, I want to see her movie. As soon as possible. She's making it easy: on the Indiegogo campaign where she is raising funds for the movie, one perk gets you a download link as soon as the movie premiers. All you need is contribute 15 Euro (and select the perk). Cool! I'd have done it, but Nina beat me to it. You want to help her and get the movie, too? Hurry up and donate! Only 6 days left in the campaign!

Here's a Kuma movie featuring Sarah-Quita at the recent PWA freestyle event in Fuerteventura:

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