Thursday, January 26, 2017

New Toy

We got a new toy yesterday. Well, it's 5 years old, but new to us. A 99 l Fanatic Falcon slalom board. And we got to sail it today:
Once again, the forecast was mediocre - 18 mph. When we started, that's about what we got - but it picked up an hour later, and I was very nicely powered on the 7.0. Enough power for a top speed of 30.8 knots. That's not much for real speed surfers, but plenty fast for me. Actually, it's the fastest I have ever sailed around here .. except for last Sunday.  I think I like the new board!

I'm tempted to claim I did this in 18 knots of wind gusting to 22, which is what the South Bird Island wind meter showed. But I'm pretty certain that the meter reads low; the WorldWinds meter had a top windspeed of 31 mph today, which seems about right. Still, not bad for a new board, a sail that never feels quite right, and enough chop to keep me on my toes. Fun!

Just as I started sailing, Nina did her best Flaka try yet... but I did not see it. She also tried the Falcon, but was too eager to get back to freestyle to get it dialed in. After the session, WorldWind's Randy gave her some tips on the Flaka, so she can't wait to get back out tomorrow. The forecast predicts 5 knots more wind - maybe another day to take the speed board out :-).

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