Windsurfing Lessons

Interested in windsurfing lessons on Cape Cod? I am a US Sailing certified windsurf instructor with more than 30 years of windsurfing experience. I offer lessons in the following areas:
  • Learn to windsurf
  • Light wind basics
    • Jibing and tacking
    • Leeside (backwind) sailing
  • Light wind freestyle
    • Helicopter tacks
    • Sail 360, sail-body 360
    • Jibe variations (light wind duck jibe, switch jibe, switch duck jibe)
    • Advanced tack variations (push tack, duck tack)
    • Back-to-back sailing
    • Sail chi
  • Planing jibes
  • Duck jibes
  • Carve 360s
Other topics (harness, foot straps, beach start, speed, ...) may be available on request.

The cost is $125 for a 2 hour private lesson. To schedule a lesson, please send an email describing what you can do and what you'd like to learn to lessons (at) ecwindfest (dot) org.