Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hopping in Kalmus

We took the day off and went windsurfing in Kalmus. It turned out to be an interesting day - I was on 4 different sails from 7.0 down to 4.2 within a span of 4 hours, and nicely powered to overpowered on each of these. I spent most of the time on a 5.0, Nina on a 4.2. Great day to practice chop hops - here's a short video from on of the later runs (Pete, this one is for you!):

While sailing, I thought some of the hops were quite nice. I focused on the landings, which were decent enough. Plenty of room for improvement in the flight phase, though.

A great day to build confidence for the upcoming Maui trip; we supposedly had more wind today than on a typical Maui day, and more chop than in Kanaha. Nina was a bit frustrated because she did not make it through a single jibe, but I thought she did great in handling the chop. A number of other sailors where there, too, but everyone spent a lot of time changing sails as the wind changed. The water is getting warmer, too - I was never uncomfortable or cold (in a 5/4 semi dry), even when water starting took a bit longer. Another great day of sailing!

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  1. Dude you look good on the new board! See you soon in Long Island.