Friday, April 6, 2012


It's 1 pm, blowing 30 mph, and none of the 5 windsurfers in the house is out to sail - we must be in Hatteras! After one big-gear day two days ago, we had a great day with mid- to upper 20s, gusting into low 30s, yesterday, so most of us are still a bit sore. Yesterday's theme was distance, and we ended up with 5 new personal bests between Nina, Dean, and myself. After sailing 190 km in about 8 hours, Dean reclaimed the #1 spot for distance in the USA on the GPS Team Challenge - here are his tracks:

Since most of our recent sailing had been on flat water, it took me quite a few hours to adapt to the Hatteras chop, and I had no change getting anywhere close to Dean's speed or total distance. After sailing about 100 km, I had to stop because my legs muscles were burning too much, but that was enough to get us a #2 spot among 36 teams in the distance ranking on GPSTC for the month :) We are also ranked #3 in the 1 hour ranking, and #8 overall - the best we've even been. Of course, its early in the month, and many other teams will improve their numbers - but we have have a few more days down here, too. I'm dying to see what a downwinder would do to our 1 hour averages...

Even Nina got into the speed spirit yesterday. She set two new PBs, improving her distance by 25%. At a cost, of course - she limited her freestyle to just a few shove it and 360 tries. Maybe she'll try a bit more today, although the averages have just picked up to 30 mph.

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