Sunday, January 20, 2013

Two in a row

Another great day in Kalmus today. Unlike yesterday, the wind was up & down for a couple of hours. When it finally settled in around 30 mph at 2 pm, I found myself a bit overpowered on a 5.5. But the Tabou 3S handled the moderate chop gracefully, making it easy to rack up more than 70 km in a 4 1/2 hour session today. That would be a good session on a summer day - great to get it in January! It was nice to see a crowd on the water - Jeff, Martin, and Ron showed up, and maybe 5 other sailors that I don't know.
That's my lovely wife going for a duck jibe. She figured it was warm enough to sail without a hood and without the tubes in the Ianovated wetsuit, so she took the tubes out and put plugs into the tube holes. But she still preferred the suit over her Boost baggy drysuit and her Ion semi-dry suit, since it is very warm and comfortable. A bit later, Martin joined her doing freestyle on the water, and kept going at it for a few hours. Nina took pictures for a few minutes from the beach after her session:
She did not catch me doing anything interesting, since I just did the same old back-and-forth and called it speedsurfing. There are at least 3 things wrong with the jibe entry in the picture above.
The other guy in this picture, Martin, did something interesting all the time. I saw him completing a few beautiful carve 360s, jump head-high, and more. Nina caught a jump landing and a few duck jibes on camera:

We love seeing Martin sail, it's never boring. But we need to get him into an Ianovated wetsuit - today was pretty close to his temperature cutoff, since his old suit has developed quite a few leaks over the years.

Tonight, a big arctic chill will come down to visit us, and stay around from a while, so you probably won't see any blog posts from me for a while.


  1. Hello!
    thanks for the blog! Reading and enjoying each post!

    quick question - I see that I have a similar body shape with you and my harness hook always goes up. Even on a thick wetsuit. During planning it slightly goes up and up. I tried to tighten it more but it's not comfortable to breath then. I wonder if the very hook should be of a different shape (like that long metal base instead of normal one).

    any suggestions?

  2. I have not had this problem, so I'm not sure what to suggest. When I use a waist harness, the entire harness sometimes slides up. That's one reason I usually use a seat harness. I use a waist harness only sometimes when doing freestyle.

    Using longer harness lines might also help a bit. I'm usually using 30-32 inch lines. Longer lines let you move your body away from the rig more, so it's easier to keep the pull outward-inward instead of up-down.

  3. Thanks for such a prompt reply!

    yes, I think this is it - seat harness would work better for me. I'll give it a try next time on the water. I also like those long lines. And imagine frustration when I'm blasting and feeling that pressure goes away from the harness - it goes up. I bet seat harness would work better for freeride sessions.

    thanks again!