Saturday, January 19, 2013

We love winter windsurfing

Had a very lovely winter session in Kalmus today. Wind around 30 mph, pretty steady, air around 44 F (7 C), sunny. Our Ianovated wetsuits kept us plenty warm.
I used the tubes pretty much every time I fell to warm up my gloves, but Nina did not need them today.
Both of us worked a bit on freestyle moves without being afraid of falling. Well, low tide helped, we could stand everywhere during our 2 hour session.
Nina worked on Carve 360s and a bit on Shove Its. She also set a personal best for Alpha 500 (a 500 m run with a jibe in the middle, and the ends of the run within 50 m) - congrats!
I did a couple of Flaka prep moves and a bunch of jump jibes, where I am guaranteed to get wet. That was just fine with me, I was sweating most of the time, so a bit of cooling down in the water was often welcome. I'm still amazed that I'd be playing around with freestyle moves in the winter! Amazing what a great wetsuit with a fantastic hand warming system can do.
The water was nice and flat, but with enough little waves to make it interesting. I shied away from trying loops or committed Flaka attempts, and instead just worked on a bit of board control in the air. I thought I did ok, but the GoPro showed that I should pull my back leg a lot higher.
We had the water to ourselves for a while until a kiter showed up. No other windsurfers showed. There was lots of fun to be had today at Kalmus, and it was perfectly safe in the shallow waters. Tomorrow's forecast is very similar to todays, except that it will get even warmer! The best time at Kalmus will be between 11 am and 2 or 3 pm. The wind is expected to turn from SW to W sometime tomorrow afternoon; depending on when and how quickly this happens, we may see howling WSW winds later in the afternoon, or a quick drop near shore when the wind turns west. Whatever happens - I hope to see a few sails on the water tomorrow around noon!

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