Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Summer winds

The wind will stop tomorrow (or maybe the day after), and I am glad. Can you believe that? I can't. But it is true. I sailed 6 out of the last 9 days - full power every time, often long sessions, sometimes two sessions a day.

Yesterday's high wind and low tide called for some slalom/speed practice, so the XFire 90 got some use again. I got up to almost 30 knots on water that was definitely not perfectly flat. Not bad (for me, that is). I sailed 95 km overall. Marty sailed 115 km. Marty tried loops, did upwind 360s while overpowered on 4.7, and more. Marty is an animal. I love sailing with Marty (and with Jon, who made a rare guest appearance).

Today called for freestyle. I tried the Kono with the 360 entry. It helped to be nicely overpowered on 6.5 (Marty was on 4.7). Made some progress - I go the board to jump twice. On another try, I got around to backwinded while still planing. Did not matter that I could not do both in the same try - falling backwards into the warm water was lots of fun. Maybe I'll get the Kono one of these days on perfectly flat water. Or with a helping pushy wave. Or maybe I'll just get a slightly wet 360 in the straps with a board flare. At least I can use a big fin! And I'm not too scared to try. Maybe big fins make me brave. Until I end up sliding backwards, the big fin stays in!

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