Sunday, February 8, 2015

"Cold weather" windsurfing video

We got a short session in last week when a cold front pulled through. Well, that's what they called it. Temperatures around 50ºF (10ºC) qualify as "cold weather" in Texas, even in February. So here's a "cold weather" windsurfing movie:

The wind dropped constantly from the time we arrived, so we were underpowered a lot, and the session was short. Fortunately, Nina took the GoPro, so the footage is more interesting and prettier than my usual lawn mowing movies.

Before you get any wrong ideas, here's this mornings view from our balcony:
Yes, it's sunny again. The fog has mostly been burned off, and temperatures are close to 70 already. With ocean temperatures in the 60s and inland temperatures predicted to go into the 80s today, we should see some thermals adding to the predicted 15 mph wind for another great day. The "worst case" scenario is some light wind or pesky wind freestyle in the sun :-).

This one is for Tascha

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