Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Wind Sacrifice

Maybe windsurfers are heathens. We believe in wind sacrifices. How often have we seen the wind pick up as soon as most sailors have put their gear away?

If there was ever any doubt that wind sacrifices work, it is time to stop doubting. Since last Friday, we have a great wind sacrifice: Nina. She is on vacation in Iceland, traveling around with her little sister. This is what was happening on the water the day she left:
Chris spocking. Pictures by Eddie Deveraux.
The wind started the day before Nina left. Of course. She had to pack, so she could not sail. 6 of the next 7 days were windy - often enough for 4.7s, even 3.7s for the lighter guys. When the wind took a day off, I was happy - I really needed a break!

Here are some more of Eddie's pictures from last weekend. Chris threw tons of loops:
So did Sergey - I saw him do two on one run when I was behind him:
The other sail in the picture above belongs to Marty. No big surprise he's in the picture - as usual, he sailed more than anyone else. Check his GPS tracks from one day where he sailed more than 107 km in 30-35 mph wind:
He did not actually go for distance - the runs are about 500 m long (which means he did more than 200 turns). He practiced his 360s, tried loops (getting closer), and jumped for joy:
According to the iWindsurf meteorologist's forecast, the wind sacrifice keeps working: low-to mid-20s today, and more low 20s possible for the next three days. Great! But I'm looking forward to when the wind sacrifice officially ends.

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