Thursday, August 6, 2015

Better than 7 of 9

Seven of Nine was cool. Or maybe hot is a better word. But my extensive math background tells me 8 of 9 is better.

Nina freestyling
We went to Egg Island today. Nina first tried to break her ankles. She went switch in the straps, ducked the sail straight into the water, and went flying over the front on the other side. Except that she was still in the straps. Lying facedown in the water, she wondered whether she should worry more about her ankles, or about drowning.

She did not drown, and her ankles are fine (well, mostly). She took a break, and then said "forget about the stupid straps". So she just did regular duck tacks. 8 dry ones in a row. All that practice in chop paid off. Flat is easy! Then, the 9th one was wet. But 8 of 9 is pretty darn good. Better than 7 of 9.

She did end up going back into the straps switch, and did a couple of dry switch duck jibes in the straps. The sail was coming up a bit to much to the front. Happens even to the best PWA guys. It's just a question of time until she has this duck down, too.

Don't ask me what I did. It's boring. But I got to sail my Skate again, after a month that it took to fix the broken nose (ok, that includes 3 weeks in Brazil). The nose held, even when I tested it with crashes. Several times, just to be sure. Perhaps the best thing I did today was to carry the back pack with water for Nina to Egg Island. Staying hydrated is the key to success! Or maybe it's trying relentlessly.
That's what happens when I try freestyle

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