Sunday, February 25, 2018

BIB and Grassy Point Pictures

The last few times we sailed in Corpus Christi, Many Miles Mike and his wife Julie took some nice pictures. The originals are at and, but I took the liberty to copy a few shots:
Nina at Bird Island Basin

Speed at Grassy Point
Plenty of space for kiters and windsurfers
Needs more practice..

There was plenty of wind here the last couple of days, but we were in South Padre Island. After two great days there a few weeks ago in northerly winds, we figured we'd check it out in southerlies. It was plenty windy - Nina rigged down from 4.5 to 4.0, and still was a bit overpowered. But the tide was higher, and the wind was quite unsteady, which made it more similar to a typical day at BIB. Grassy Point in Corpus Christi seemed smoother on the one very windy day that we sailed there, which would be no surprise, given that the water is about a foot less deep there, and some spoil islands flatten the water even more. Looks like we'll get a a session or two there towards the middle of the week :-).

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