Monday, December 24, 2018

Droned at the Weed Farm

The little drone I bought for our trip wanted action. The wind played along - at about 15 mph, the Spark would be able to fly against the wind. Mike was game - he wanted to get "droned". When we explained to him that "droned" sounds a lot like the German "(zuge)droent, he stated that he wanted to get droned in the weed farm. So to Coodanup we went.

Unfortunately, I had never flown the "flying camera" for any noticeable distance before, so I misjudged how far out I had to fly. I stayed way too close to shore - about 200 meters out, while Mike and Nina sailed about 800 meters out. Here's a picture that shows the problem:
The green tracks are from the drone, the red and blue tracks are from Mike and Nina. No suprise I could not really see them on the phone's screen! When I play the video on the computer, you have to look really hard to find them. See for yourself:

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