Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Wave Sailing at Avalon

On Sunday, we left Geraldton and drove back to Mandurah, where Mike and Dorothy kindly offered us to stay in their home right at the beach at one of the wave spots, named Avalon. Yesterday, we got a bit of swell and just enough wind to plane, so Nina and Mike went out from the launch across the street (Nina on 4.7, Mike on 5.3). The wind was light enough to allow my little drone to fly. Since the break was close enough to the beach, I managed to get a bit of video footage. The breaks between the sets were large, and with my limited drone skills, I did not catch them on any decent wave rides, but I think the scenery and colors are quite beautiful:
I did not have wave gear to join them, but I later had a lovely flat water session at Liptons. I love the spot - perfectly flat water for jibing fun at both ends, with a mile-long run in between. The wind varies a bit, often being light in the middle and stronger towards shore, which is clearly visible in the GPS tracks:
The wind was a bit on the light side for my 7.0/112 combo, so no great speeds - but finally getting a relaxing session in flat water was fantastic!

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  1. at Avalon now. Been paddle boarding but not windsurfing. No wind. Great report on this spot. Staying up the coast at Falcon. Could end up living here? I'm from the UK.