Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Toy

The new toy:
The story:

It is dangerous to visit the windsurf stores here in Hatteras. They have way too many cool toys! Ocean Air is bad enough, but at least they have some kites to distract you. No such luck at Wind-NC. My advice: if Andy starts using his high-pressure sales tactics ("You might be interested in this..."), plug your ears, and run out of the store!

A couple of days ago, Nina needed a new outhaul line, so we stopped at Wind-NC. I should have known better to come in with her! Right away, Andy pointed out a little board he had lying on his big "Buy This" table: an Isonic W54 speedboard. I was not in the market for a speedboard. Sure, a few years ago, when Cesar planted the idea of speedsurfing in my head, I had bought an old F2 Missile. But its 62 liters were not quite enough for my 200 lb and the gusty and unreliable winds we typically get. It took me quite a few sessions before I managed to get a few decent runs on the Missile. So the Missile ended up mostly as Nina's speedboard, which she jumps on every once in a while.

I suspect that Andy reads this blog. How else can you explain that he mentioned that the Isonic has 72 liters? Ok, maybe I asked, but still! I definitely told him that I did not want to know the price. A new board would go for about $2500. This board had never been used, but it had spend several years in the corner of a warehouse, forgotten an neglected. Which meant that the price had dropped to about 1/3rd of the price of a new board. And bad Andy told me so. Hook, line, and sinker.

The final straw was that I had a little accident with our van just before we came to Hatteras. Someone had opened their car door all the way just as I was pulling into a gas station. His door was toast, my van had a little dent. The insurance decided he should have checked his mirrors before opening the door all the way, and sent me a check for the repair. The amount on the check was exactly the same as the price Andy quoted me for the board. How could I possibly ignore such a sign? So I bought it.

Even the wind gods cooperated, and I got to take it out yesterday. I got it to start right away, without first sinking to my hips into the water - nice! It cut through the chop nicely, and I felt right at home. I even managed to jibe it dry after just a couple of tries, and went for a few little speed runs. No great speed yet, that will require a bit more tuning and practice (and maybe less chop). I can't wait to sail the board on really flat water, though!

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  1. Awesome, Peter! I can't wait for the report on how it sails in full-on conditions.