Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Blowup Sail

We're back in Hatteras. The wind has been on the lighter side, but that has not kept us from having tons of fun. I got to play around with a blowup windsurf rig in light wind, thanks to the friendly folks at Ocean Air. It's amazingly light, sets up in 2 minutes flat, and is tons of fun. Great for playing around in light wind on a hot summer day, or to get your kids to windsurf! Nina right away suggested that it's perfect for trying Caesar Finies' trademark move, the Hail Mary:
Praying that the rig will come back...
Even with a rig that weighs almost nothing, it's not an easy move. Perhaps I did not pray enough, or maybe I forgot Andy Brandt's advice that you have to look good waiting. Or maybe I just was too eager to get the rig back:
No, it did not

Tons of fun to be had with this rig. I got all of the ABK instructors to try it, too, and they came back with smiles on their faces. Many thanks to Martine, Brian, and Chris from Ocean Air to letting us try it!

Nina used the light wind times to work on pirouette tricks, looking good (as always):

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