Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fogland Speedsurfers

Now that Cesar has gotten many windsurfers in Fogland thinking about speedsurfing (and doing lots of fast deep downwind runs), we have decided to start a team to participate in the GPS Team Challenge. Here's a picture of most of the initial team members, with one of Cesar's vintage speed boards:

Right now, most of us don't have any dedicated speed equipment. But Cesar is generous, offering to share his many speedboards freely; Bill has an old Mistral Electron, a board that has been clocked at more than 40 knots; and I should be getting a used F2 Missile, also good for 40+ knots, any day now. Quite a few of our team will have to order a new GPS or even their first GPS, but they all promised to do so soon.

So, from now on, we don't have to speed-compete against each other anymore - we can compete against the rest of the world! Speed is fun, and can be quite useful, too. Nina found that her jibe entries have gotten a lot better since she started speed runs - extra speed sure helps planing through jibes, and she is getting so close. With a little wind luck at the upcoming ABK camp in Hyannis and some tips from Andy and his crew, she'll be planing through in no time. A few others from the Fogland Windsurfers group are also planning to attend the camp - who knows, maybe we can form a "Fogland Tricksurfers" group soon.

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