Friday, November 12, 2010

The doc says: windsurf more!

At my physical last year, my doctor "encouraged" me to do more sports. I interpreted that to mean "more windsurfing", and did my best. So far this year, I've had 98 sessions, and sailed > 2700 km. That's on track to be twice as much as last year.

Yesterday, I had another annual physical. My doctor was very happy with me: I lost 12 pounds, blood pressure went from 130/82 to 110/78, and minor health annoyances that I thought were unavoidable as we get older pretty much disappeared. I'm generally much happier, too - and not just when windsurfing. The weight loss was just from windsurfing more; with regular sessions (2-3 per week on average), I ended up being able to windsurf longer in each sessions, and still feel less sore afterwards. If helped that I adjusted my technique to use avoid strain as much as possible, but the primary factor was just training more.

Bottom line: windsurf more to get healthier!

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