Monday, February 14, 2011

The end is near!

We went windsurfing at West Dennis today, and had a blast. The wind was not as great as forecast, but good enough to get planing on a 7.0 at first, and later on a 5.5 (albeit slightly underpowered). But the best part were the air temperatures which reached the low 40s (maybe 7 C). With some sun every now and then, it felt downright balmy and allowed us to go "light" on the cold weather gear: fewer layers under the dry suit, open-palm gloves or mitts, and light caps instead of the restrictive full hoods. Nice!

The best part was being able to sail without heavy gloves or mittens. I started out with cut-out gloves and mitt shells, but dropped the shells later. Nina switched from Dakine cold weather mittens to bare hands and later open-palm mitts. It's amazing how much easier things got! My fingers got cold a bit at the end, but that's mainly because I started screwing up my jibes, and the water temperatures are still close to 0 C (32 F). But still, a great day. The weather forecast for this week has a lot more warm days, so the water should start to warm up soon, too. Rejoice, the end of winter is near!


  1. From your blog to god's in box! Technically speaking I think midwinter's day was last Friday