Saturday, January 21, 2012


The last few winters, we took a vacation in Bonaire to escape the cold, and learn new tricks at ABK BoardSports Camps. But after the bad economy got through to us last year, we had planned to skip the trip this year. That did not seem much of a problem for a while, since the winter came late, and we had plenty of warm days to go windsurfing.

Things started going south when my lovely wife came back from visiting family with a nasty cold that soon had us both coughing day and night, and kept us off the water for a while. Next, my car decided that 8 years without problems was enough, and started making funny noises - just in time to miss two days in a row of great wind. Then, when the car was finally fixed and the colds under control, we got our first snow storm. Nothing major, but still - not exactly ideal weather to go sailing here. But just as depression wanted to knock on the door, a couple of good things happened. First, we heard that we could expect a rather substantial tax refund; then, we saw that the prices for flights to Bonaire had dropped to rarely seen lows, even for flights in the near future. I bet you can guess the rest - we are going to Bonaire soon! Big smiles are back on our faces.

Bonaire is a wonderful spot for all windsurfers who love flat water. Of all the great things there, I think the colors of the water is one of the most beautiful things, especially as you sail from the large shallow area into the deeper half of the bay. I know that not all my readers have had the chance to visit Bonaire, so here is a brief video from last year that's indented to illustrate this point. Hope to see you all in Bonaire soon!

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