Thursday, October 11, 2012

Join the ABK Camp in Hatteras 10/26 to 10/28!

It is finally getting chilly in New England, so it's time to head towards warmer climates: Cape Hatteras in North Carolina! Up here, I have already seen dry suits come out, but in Hatteras, I expect at least a few days in board shorts and/or shorties.

Hatteras is definitely one of my favorite spots for ABK camps. The water is shallow for half a mile or so, but you can do runs that are several miles long if you need a little break from instruction. We usually have a room in one of the gorgeous houses right on the water, about 150 feet away from where the camp takes place. Video reviews in the evenings are done right in the house - warm, comfy, and usually with well-earned beers.

This year, we are renting the "Getaways" house from 10/20 to 10/30. It's actually not right on the water - it's set back perhaps 150 feet. Still, that's closer to the water than almost any parking lot on Cape Cod, and we can leave our gear rigged the entire time. This is in Waves - I actually like the sailing in Waves better than in Avon. A couple of our friends will join us in the house, but we still have two rooms available for ABK campers. The rooms are $120 for just the camp period (3 days/nights), extra nights $40; it gets cheaper for anyone who stays longer. If you are interested, send me an email or Facebook message, or ask Andy Brandt for my contact info if you don't have it.

In past Hatteras camps, we have had nice mixes of light wind, planing conditions, and usually one or two days of crazy winds in the 30s. I really like this mix - light wind exercises prepare for things like planing jibes and duck jibes; planing there is usually great since the chop stays small and I can usually stand when I fall; and the crazy conditions keep the ego from getting to big, and create lasting memories. On a crazy windy day last year, even working on tricks for overpowered days like Shove Its required some guts - but even the total beginners stayed out the whole day and learned a lot. So, come on down to Cape Hatteras to join us, and add a few days to warm up before the camp if you can!


  1. Hi, I want to arrange someplace to stay for my husband at the Windsurf Camp in Hatteras. Are there still places available? He is registered, but we haven't figured out the lodging yet. Are there nearby hotels you would recommend?

  2. The post was for the 2012 camp. We are not going to the 2013 camp, so I don't know if someone has a house for the camp next week. You could try asking on the "ABKBoardSports" group on Facebook - see

    We have always rented a house, and never staid in a hotel. If you can find just one person to share a house with, that's typically closer, cheaper, and nicer than a hotel/motel.