Sunday, December 2, 2012

No more SUP wave sailing

Very unhappy, will keep this short. Warm today, long-promised winds showed up briefly in the morning, then went away. Decided to go SUP sailing at Coast Guard with Nina and Jeff. Waves were initially small, then got a bit bigger, but looked doable. I had no problem getting out the first time, caught a few waves, back in upwind without a problem.

Nina fought hard, got through the shore break eventually, only to be thrown off and not being able to hang on to the equipment in the waves. Had to swim back in, but I caught the equipment in time, no problem.

Let Jeff try my board, he looked good and liked it. Did not study the waves before I went out again. Got punished for lack of respect. When I thought I had made it through, a big one piled up behind me and ripped the gear out of my hands. Got it back a short while later, retreat. PK came over with some useful tips.

Pulled the board further up the beach, noticed major damage on both sides and top. Almost broken through, except no damage to underside, and rocker line seems unchanged to the eye. PK said he has repaired similar damage before, but my repair experience is very limited. Will probably have to wait until the next Hatteras trip, unless Exocet takes this as a warranty case. Bought the board at full list price about 3 months ago - the first board I bought new and full price in decades.



  1. It could have been worse:

  2. Sorry to hear about your damaged board. I have been saling my SUP in waves on Maui for the last seven years and have learned a few things. Mainly, I try to avoid getting worked in whitewater. I have severely bent many mast extensions doing this and figure that the weight/volume/pressure of the board is the problem. Kinda goes against the reason we are out there-to play in waves. At some point I figure the mast track will just rip out of the board, but until then I will keep going out. Hang in there and keep the blogs coming.

  3. I've been SUP Sailing for the last year. 2nd session on a new Fanatic Pro Wave and I managed to tip of the nose with the mast coming down. Quick patch and the next session the mast went on the rail and cracked the rail through the wood and exposed the foam. Very expensive lesson :)

    I still keep at it though but always on the look out for AST heavy duty SUPs and not fancy light ones. I've also destroyed an extension, a sail, some fin boxes and fins in the shore pound, too.

    Lots of fun but it does get expensive.

  4. I hear your pain but try to remember that the same equipment got all 3 of you guys out there on a day when maybe none of you would have been wavesailing or trying to anyway....similar to above, I have bent two mast extensions, fractured one (old) mast, torn some sail panels, shredded some boom wrappings, and dinged some boards. But the common denominator was time doing what is fun and fulfilling, recreating---rather than listening to and dealing with problems all day long (i.e. work). I know it's expensive, but all addictions are.......

  5. hey Peter,
    sorry again about the board, pretty big bummer.
    Just wanted to say thank you for letting me give it a go, it was really cool to get out and super easy compared to the Skate. After that experience, I see how people break gear so frequently. Kind of like mountain biking vs road biking. Anyhow, I'm hooked, it was that cool. Sorry to hear Exocet didn't help you out :-(

  6. Thanks to everyone for the comments, much appreciated. SUP wave sailing will continue once I get the board repaired, and/or a new one.

  7. Good luck with your repair, I know the feeling I ripped open 3 feet of sandwich off my nearly new exocet xwave, caught a wave and didn't see the rock underwater. Even with limited epoxy exerience I eventually managed to repair the eps, reshape, redo the sandwich... long but I'm out sailing it again ! Have a look at the "boardlady " website lots of useful tutos. I