Friday, August 16, 2013

Freestyle time

Forecast: 12-13 mph. Kalmus wind meter readings from 2-4 pm: averages 16 mph, range 12 - 20 mph. Actual wind a bit more - here are my GPS tracks:
80 minutes of fun on my Skate 110 / Pilot 6.5 / MUF Slalom weed 30 combo. White in the tracks means I was planing. Beautiful water and weather. Full body lycra suit and socks today - no jellyfish stings despite frequent falls. I fell when just jibing - after a few really windy days, I'm not used to flat water and no power in the sail mid-jibe anymore. So it was old school freestyle time: duck jibes, jump jibes, downwind 360s. Got one "wow" from a windsurfer in the water for a decent duck :-)

Reasonably happy with the duck jibes, a few tips from the ABKlers will get me there. The 360s need a bit more work, most were 358s and 359s, just one was dry (and not pretty). Lots of fun on a day that was not supposed to be windy. Next week looks promising - 16s, 14s, even 20s in the forecast. With sun, we should have a few planing days on reasonable gear.

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