Sunday, March 2, 2014

Tobago video

Here's a short video from our recent trip to Tobago. Not much action, but it shows the conditions we had reasonably well.


  1. My 1st Ianovated suit is currently in a UPS truck traveling around Cambridge. Hoping to try it out this Saturday wherever makes sense - West Dennis, Kalmus ... If Tobago hasn't ruined you for real windsurfing(ie under 50 degrees) maybe you want to join?

  2. John, I have to admit that Tobago has softened me up a bit - I wimped out from SUP sailing yesterday just because it was close to freezing. I'll stay off the water on Thursday, too. But if the current forecast (40s, sun, SW in the 20s) comes true for Saturday, I will be on the water! It's a bit too early to get excited, though.

  3. Great video, Daddy!!! The water is so clear!!

  4. So what are you thinking for tomorrow? Braving the (not too) cold? Looks like any wind will most likely be before 2:00.

    best to contact me on email. I'm at john_schmucker at good 'ol hotmail

  5. John, I'm not sure about tomorrow - 50% chance of rain, and the current forecast predicts just 20 mph until 2 pm. I'll check in the morning. If the readings look good and the rain hold off, I may go for a Kalmus session in the morning.

    I think Sunday looks better for Skaket in Orleans - 26 in the morning dropping to 23 in the afternoon, and sun instead of rain. The sun makes it feel about 10 degrees warmer, so it will feel about the same as tomorrow.

    Check for sharing plans to go sailing.