Thursday, April 10, 2014

I am the wind sacrifice

It is beautiful, sunny weather outside. The trees are shaking. The wind meters already read 20-26 mph. It will probably go up more. The water temperature at the Nantucket Sound buoy has reached 42ºF for the first time this year. Close to shore, the water is a few degrees warmer. Air temperature is mid-40s F. It is warm enough to sail without a hood. If you have an Ianovated suit, you can remove the tubes now.

I can't go sailing. I'm traveling to Germany today to visit my mom and celebrate her 77th birthday. Nina can't go, either, because she's still fighting her cold. She'll need a few more days.

It will remain windy for the next week. The forecast has southerly winds at 20-30 mph for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I am sure there will be more. According to iWindsurf, April is the windiest month here on Cape Cod. But I'm happy to be the wind sacrifice for the next week - it's nice to see the family again. Extending the sacrifice by going on a business trip right after I came back from Germany - now that's a different story. Every now and then, life interferes with windsurfing.

I hope a lot of you get to enjoy the wind, warmer temperatures, and sunny skies. Carpe diem!

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