Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clew-View Quiz

I like my Clew-View. When I'm clueless why I am doing things wrong, it tells me. I don't use my GoPro that often anymore, since even I have gotten bored watching myself mowing the lawn. But when things go wrong, a GoPro video or picture can help figure out what the hell I am doing. Funny enough - most of the time I know what I should be doing, but not what I actually am doing.

I worked on duck jibes and 360 a couple of days ago in Kalmus. Both are tricks I can do, but don't do often enough. Sometimes, they end up wet; sometimes they are dry but ugly. Two days ago, duck jibes were ok (but not great) at first, but then got worse as soon as I put the camera on. Often, I found myself in this position:
I'm on the new side after the duck, but I have an under grip with the new back hand. Not fatal, but not good, either. Who wants to guess what makes me do this?

In the Carve 360, I usually have to go through a series of mistakes before I make a dry one. I've done this often enough to know exactly what the mistakes are, and how to fix them. Still, it's nice to see what it looks like on video. Here's a picture:
I am just starting to get backwinded. Can you see the two things I'm doing wrong, and predict what happened next?


  1. Moin Peter,
    "Can you see the two things I'm doing wrong, and predict what happened next?"

    Ja - an die Fehler kann ich mich noch gut erinnern, genau die sind mir auf Bonaire dieses Jahr unterlaufen.

    Viele Grüße aus Europa auch an Nina


    1. Manu! Good to hear from you. You are supposed to tell us what you think, though :-)

  2. I think your front arm should be straight once you get back-winded. What happens next? The wind wins.
    (Will we get the answers?)

    1. Brian, I had the arm straight in the two tries before this one, and landed on the sail. The wind was not very strong. I plan to post answers in my next blog post. For now, I'll give a hint: bull horns!

  3. With the duck jibe, that hand shouldn't be grabbing the boom at all.... At least not until the new front hand in on. It should have grabbed the end of the boom on the opposite side for the sail duck, then reach forward with the left arm to grab the new side. That extra hand grab exposes the sail flat to the wind, powers up the new side, then flop...