Sunday, August 17, 2014


I'm tired. Blame the relentless August wind - we sailed 5 days in a row. The first three days were fantastic; the last two a bit less so, with wrong gear choices (and no easy switch since we were at Egg Island), a broken sail strap, and more variation in the wind. Did not keep me from mowing the lawn, nor did it keep Nina from working on all kinds of things. She's now getting a duck tack in every session; a two-session day thus means two duck tacks. They tend to look quite cool now, too, with the sail almost hitting the water before floating back up to her. Here's a shot from a Clew-View video:
Yes, I did manage to get here to take the GoPro for one of the 5 days. Much cooler footage than when I use it! I counted her trick attempts in one 42-minute video, where she worked on 6 different tricks: 28 attempts in total, one every 90 seconds. No surprise she sometimes is tired after a session!

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