Sunday, November 30, 2014


The forecast had looked fantastic: warm, sunny, wind around 20, even in the mid-20s according to one computer model.  I got excited. Woke up early. Waited for the wind to come up a bit more from the readings around 15, but then arrived at Kalmus around 10:30. Alex was already there, and a few others short up shortly thereafter.

But by the time I had rigged, the white caps that were visible when I arrived had completely disappeared. Alex went out on his 7.5, but never got anywhere close to planing. The wind had dropped to around 10.

Other wind sensors looked promising: Pt. Judith, Buzzards Bay Buoy, and Vineyard heaven all showed low 20s and a clear upward trend. Even Waquoit Bay and Duxbury were showing 20s! Clearly, there was some wind out there! Typically, wind that reaches the sensors further south arrives at Kalmus a little while later. So we waited. But the wind did not come.

I eventually gave up, derigged, and drove home, where the wise and lovely Nina had remained the entire time. I decided to try another close-by spot where the sensors did show wind - Waquoit Bay, 25 minutes the other way. Nina joined me, and so did Drew, who had just arrived at Kalmus.

Waquoit Bay is not a popular windsurfing spot, and we found out why: the dirt road that leads to the about 5 parking spots is clearly modeled after the access road to Sprecklesville on Maui. Potholes are huge, tree branches try to scratch the van, and the going is slow. But we made it through, and were rewarded with: wind!

I did not trust it, so I rigged quickly and big (7.0). Nicely powered on the first few runs, I loved how flat it was - speed territory! I changed to my big slalom board and started going a bit faster - 25 knots in 17 knot wind with 22 knot gusts. Not bad, considering that the sail was too small for deep downwind runs!

But before I could even start dreaming about going for a decent 1-hour run for the GPS Team Challenge, the wind started dropping. I switched back to my freestyle board because it's easier to sail underpowered, but gave up a short while later. I was getting to hot in my 6 mm wetsuit, anyway!

So yes, I got fooled by the wind. But I also did get to have some fun at a beautiful spot in warm temperatures, sailing with Nina and Drew. Not a bad day at all!
I jinxed Drew by giving him a GPS

Where is Nina?

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