Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It was windy all morning. But it also was Christmas. Ok, we stick to our German habits, and the big Xmas day was yesterday. Still. It was Christmas. Nobody answered to my text messages about going sailing. Almost everyone was busy unwrapping presents or eating brunch. Except for Jerry - he was playing in waves where the Great Whites are. Maybe he wanted to give them a Xmas present.

When the sun came out around noon, I gave up. It was warm, too! I just had to go windsurfing. Kalmus decoupled, but Hardings Beach in Chatham looked good. Visions of loops for Xmas flooded my brain. I fired off another text "I'm leaving NOW", and got a response from Hardie. He was still eating brunch. But he lives much closer to Hardings, so he beat me there.

The wind at Hardings today was good from 9 am to 2:30 pm. I made it out by 2:15 pm. I got some wind! No waves to speak of, but nice gentle swell, warm temperatures (high 40s air and water - that's almost 10ÂșC), and sun. Nice Xmas present!

Of course, the wind did punish us for not showing up earlier, and dropped to "must wait patiently for gusts to waterstart"-levels after 20 minutes. Hardie got lucky - his harness line broke, so he was on shore when the wind dropped. I was optimistic, and went out again to prove that patience was indeed required to waterstart. I even tried uphauling in the big swell outside - ha!, funny! But as my astute readers may have already concluded from the fact that I wrote this blog entry, I eventually got back onto the board and back to shore.

Merry Christmas!
Look, Santa, no hood!

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