Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2015 Was Great

Today was probably my last windsurf session for the year - I'll be flying to Germany tomorrow to visit family. A great ending to the year it was - a new spot, flat water, sunshine, and warm - mid-50s (12ÂșC) even on the water. I was hot the entire time I was sailing, but I'm not complaining!

Dean and I tried a new potential speed spot today - the Provincetown Breakwater. Here are the tracks:
The wind played games - it dropped for an hour, and it was a tad to northerly, making it hard to return to the launch. I sailed two different sails and three different boards, slogging at times on big gear, overpowered at other times on small gear - but it was fun! The spot definitely has potential in a straight west near high tide.

2015 was great:

  • 172 sessions 
  • 6600 km sailed (that's about the diameter of the earth)
  • 3 ABK camps
  • 4 weeks in Hatteras, 16 days in Brazil, and winter in Texas
  • New tricks, new personal bests, new friends
  • A great ECWF Cape Cod - the 3rd in a row, this year with the 2013 PWA Freestyle World Champion and really nice guy Kiri Thode
  • Nina's first Shove Its, first steps towards the Vulcan, and countless Duck Tacks
Since we moved to Cape Cod 3 years ago, it's gotten better every year. So I'm looking forward to 2016! See you on the water :-).

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