Sunday, September 25, 2016

ECWF Cape Cod Pictures and Results

A week after the East Coast Windsurfing Festival Cape Cod, life is slowly getting back to normal again. Once again, the festival was a great success, with more than 30 windsurfers competing in 3 different disciplines (racing, freestyle, and GPS freeracing), with lots of support from other windsurfers, friends, and family on the beach. This event would not have been possible without many helping hands - let me name just a few:
  • PK - tent setup and local sponsorship
  • Jerry - trophies and local sponsorship
  • Joanie and Spencer - local sponsorship and moral support
  • Barbara - registration
  • Pam - race flags and scoring
  • Henrikas, Alex, Gonzalo - buoy setup, takedown, and adjustments
  • Boro - speed clinic 
  • Dani, Myles, Joe, Lisa, and others - donations
  • Chachi, Freestyle Fred, Mike - freestyle judging
  • Doug and Nancy - Saturday night party
Big thanks to all, and to the many others who helped during setup, the event itself, and takedown! It's fun to see the windsurfing community get together to get such an event running. With all the helpers, Nina got to play a little bit, and participated in freestyle. Rumors have it that some men were glad they did not have to compete with her :-). The winners of the events were:
  • Open Racing: Gonzalo Giribet
  • Limited Racing: Joe Natalie
  • SUP/Shortboard Racing: Mike Burns
  • Women's Racing: Jeanne Baumann
  • GPS Freeracing (distance): Mike Burns
  • GPS Freeracing (top speed): Boris Vujasinovic
  • Pro Freestyle: Mike Burns
  • Men's Freestyle: Henrikas Rimkus
  • Women's Freestyle: Nina Schweikardt
For the best combined freestyle and racing results, Mike Burns and Jeanne Baumann were crowned King and Queen of the Cape. A full list of the top 3 finishers is on the Cape Cod page on the ECWF website. The full racing results are here.

Here are some more pictures of the event - thanks to Nina, Andrei, Pam, and Gonzalo (I downloaded most pictures from Facebook and did not track the sources, so there may be one or two from others.. thanks!). 
Getting ready to race
Das Boot and a few racers
Light wind racing
More wind for a few races
The Flying Spaniard on his Phantom
Henrikas chilling
Chachi sliding backwards
Mike spocking
Rich - ankle biter or B2B entry?
Happy faces after 2 days of races

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