Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Wind Sacrifice

I am the wind sacrifice. I'm good at that! Check today's wind meter readings:
At 4:45 pm, I took the bus to Logan airport. The wind did not even wait for me to get there - it picked up to 25 mph less than 30 minutes later. Coincidence? I think not! The forecast was for 16-17 mph; actual reading were in the high 20s for a few hours.

The next couple of days will be windy, too. Tomorrow's forecast is 16 mph again. I may not go quite as high as today, because it's predicted to be more southerly, but who knows? For Thursday, the prediction is in the mid-20s, so we'll see 30s. Some showers and maybe thunderstorms, but there will probably be a few hours in the morning where it's dry and windy.

So go and get some! It may be all over a week from now when I return...

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