Monday, October 22, 2018

Everything Breaks

Everything breaks. Two boards (beyond repair). A few sails - one of them with 5 ripped panels. RIP. The whirlpool. The washing machine. The side door of the van. A weird fuel thingy in the van. Something else that gives the same error code (but at least we can still put gas in now). The mast foot on the Mega Cat (at least this one was an easy and cheap repair!). Today: the two year old carbon boom. At least it had the decency to bring me back to shore. I did not even realize that it was broken until I rearranged stuff in the van.

All that was annoying. More bothersome was when Nina was not able to windsurf for three weeks because of neck problems. Fortunately, they were just some muscles acting up, and things eventually got back to normal. Except that she then picked up something that looked like food poisoning. Twice in three or four days. But things seem to be back to normal again - well, mostly. She rocked at a light wind training session for the ECWF Hatteras today, even landing a Matrix and a Clew-pulling Anklebiter for the first time. The light wind freestyle competition tomorrow should be fun! Although a part of me expects something new to break...

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