Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jinxed It

Blame the Caipis and beers. I jinxed it. Yesterday morning, the wind was funky - fine, then light, then overpowered on 5.2. But the wrong direction for loops, and the tide was too low. The afternoon looked dead, and the water was almost empty. Looks were deceiving - I had a lovely session on 5.3/102. Otherwise, conditions were not ideal, but a loop lesson might have been possible - it just did not look that way from the shore.

Today was the first day in a week with no wind in the morning. Then, the clouds came, so the afternoon is light, too. No rain - just a dense cloud cover that kills the wind. Obviously, I am getting punished for getting too excited. So we'll just have to go home. The return trip through Sao Paulo will take two days and a few hours. But that includes a night in a hotel, the actual travel time is only 28 hours.

Since I have not had any beer or Caipis yet, I can restrain myself, and won't mention all the things I'm looking forward to on Cape Cod. Don't want to jinx the wind there, too. Not that it seems necessary - from what I have heard, the last few weeks have been rather windless. Nor is August known as a windy month on Cape Cod. I don't care - after sailing 15 days in a row, 14 on 5.2-5.8, mostly fully powered, a break does not sound so bad. And my Skate 110 still needs to be repaired (and, soon, replaced).
Yet Another Jeri Sunset Picture

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