Monday, July 27, 2015

Loops In Fuerte and Jeri

If you watched the videos from the PWA freestyle competition over the past few days, you may have noticed how often the pros did a forward loop. It seemed like every pro threw at least one forward per heat. This is somewhat surprising to me, considering that everyone claims the forward loop is so easy! A few of the pros spiced the loop up a bit - Tonky Frans did some of his trademark Bonkas (a loop into Flaka combo); crazy (as in: crazy good) Balz Müller did a one-handed rail grab loop. But the vast majority of loops were "simple" plaining loops.

During our Jeri trip, one of the highlights were the freestylers that were out every day. We saw plenty of loops, including some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. Here is an example that Nina filmed while standing in knee-deep water:

A thing of beauty indeed. For all those working on learning the loop, here are a few screen shots from the movie, with a few notes:
Not a lot of power here

The back hand moved far back on the boom

Compressing before take off

Front arm extending, moving the sail forward-windward

Fully extended front arm and back leg; fin is still in the water

Fin leaves the water. Both arms long, no sheeting in. Nose starts turning downwind

Starting to pull himself up over the boom

Upper body above boom, nose getting pushed down

Fully up-down; both arms are bent, still not sheeting in - but the sail is getting power now

Back leg fully bent, front leg extended

Almost there - starting to extend arms to push sail up and stop the rotation

Soft, controlled landing

Planing out
The windsurfer in the movie and pictures is Edvan Souza (BRA250), a former PWA competitor who now runs Jeri 250, where you can rent gear and take lessons. Here are a couple of more videos - first a close by loop followed by a Shaka:

Another great planing loop, with a Flaka before and a Spock 540 after:

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