Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stay Tuned!

What  a day! It started with a great flat water session in ESE winds - 2 1/2 hours full power on 5.2/4.5. When we stopped, one of the great local freestylers started throwing crazy tricks right out in front. Nina got her waterproof camera out and took some great videos. Can't edit and upload them right now - we're too busy having fun, and the internet is too slow. But stay tuned!

The sail number (BRA250) let us identify the sailor - Edvan Souza, who has competed on the PWA freestyle circuit in the past. Nina thought we should drop a copy of the videos of at his windsurf place, Jeri250. We did and got to meet him and his girlfriend (or fiancee / wife?). Both were really nice. Later, when we sat at a restaurant on one of the little side streets for dinner, they walked by and greeted us - how cool! I could not helpnit, I just had to ask about taking a private lesson tomorrow. The fully planing front loops he threw today were some of the best I have ever seen (and my regular readers will know that I watch a lot of loop videos). My knee is fine again - now the wind and tides have to cooperate tomorrow!

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