Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We're in Maui for just a week, and we're already spoiled. We went sailing in Kanaha today to meet up with our friend Scott, who is on Maui for 2 weeks. The wind was light, so I finally rigged my 5.7; Nina went out on a 4.5. During the first 30 minutes or so, I was planing only about half of the time, until the wind picked up a tad. After planing consistently for a few runs, I mounted the GoPro camera with the Clew-View attachment to take some video. Not much action here, but the scenery is nice:

Thirty minutes later, the wind dropped off again so that I was going slow most of the time - things turned from fun to work, and I did not like it. Back home, that would have been an average to good day, except that both sail and board would have been bigger; but here, I found myself being a bit unhappy. Spoiled rotten already! Fortunately, the wind forecast for the entire next week looks good, with computer models predicting 20 mph winds. With the added thermal & venturi effects, actual winds will probably be in the mid-20s or higher (for our German non-windsurfing reader(s), that's 6-7 Beaufort or "Windstärke"). It will be nice getting some practice on 4 m sails and sub-80 l boards :)

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