Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Blessing in disguise

We got some unexpected wind today - enough to plane for a few hours on a 6.5 m sail and a 96 l board. I missed an hour or so of 5.5 wind, but I'm not complaining, since every day of sailing is a great day of sailing.

Today, my neck still hurt a bit from the fall I took 3 days ago. However, that was a great thing: it reminded me that I need to adjust my stance by pointing the feet, hips, and upper body more forward. In the correct stance, I don't have to turn my head as much, and the pain goes away.  

I don't even recall how often I have heard and read that I should turn the hips forward more. Andy Brandt and Matt Pritchard were definitely among those preaching to (almost) deaf ears. Ok, I'd do it briefly afterwards, but then go back to my bad old ways. What I needed was some long-lasting neck pain (and Kalmus chop) to remind me. One day was not enough, so the pain stuck around a few extra days to remind me again. Very nice! Thank you, pain!

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