Monday, September 15, 2014

ECWF Cape Cod 2014 Results

The ECWF Cape Cod 2014 last weekend at Kalmus Beach in Hyannis was a big success. 38 windsurfers competed in 9 races and several rounds of freestyle. The Pro freestyle division included two PWA freestylers, Caesar Finies and Phil Soltysiak, as well as local legend and ECWF Long Island organizer Mike Burns and Phil's brother Tom. I'm hoping to post more pictures and details later - for now, here are the results:

Pro Freestyle
1. Caesar Finies
2. Mike Burns
3. Phil Soltysiak
Men's Freestyle
1. Eric Skilbred
2. Niko Kley
3. Joe Natali
Women's Freestyle
1. Jeanne Baumann
2. Pam Levy
3. Kristen Casse
Racing - Men's 7.5
1. Jerry Evans
2. Caesar Finies
3. Joe Natalie
4. Joseph Giordano
5. Jeff Bull
6. Tom Burns
7. Sean Jancski
8. Phil Soltysiak 
9. Mike Burns
10. Alex Gleyzer

Racing - Men's Open
1. Jean-Robert Wilhelmy
2. Jay Baldwin
3. Pete Ford

Racing - Women's
1. Jeanne Baumann
2. Liz Patton
3. Alena Ashenberg

King and Queen of the Cape: Caesar Finies & Jeanne Baumann
Caesar and Jeanne, King and Queen of the Cape 2014
A big thanks to all the helpers, sponsors, and participants of the ECWF Cape Cod 2014! Hope to see you all again next year!