Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Too Busy

Caesar showing a Hail Mary at the ABK camp Kalmus
This is a non-post. I am too busy to blog. Had a fantastic ABK camp here in Hyannis last weekend. Caesar Finies and Andy Brandt put on a light wind freestyle show - fantastic! I barely had time to look at the videos - the editing will have to wait.

We sailed a lot - two planing days at camp. The last two days had some planing wind, but we mostly missed it. Lucky us! Worked on Ankle Biters and rail rides. Got my first "normal" Ankle Biters yesterday:
Ankle Biters are cool, especially if you move your feet in time
Of course, Nina got a few, too. Today, both Nina and I got our first rail rides - one foot up, one foot on the rail, sail for a while, then tip the board back to normal. Nice!

The next days will be busy, too, with more sailing and with preparations for the East Coast Windsurfing Festival Cape Cod this weekend. As I am writing this, we have 36 registrations so far, with several more coming in each day. With sun and planing wind in the forecast for both days, we'll probably see at least that many competitors on the water. Rumors have it that we'll have not just one, but two PWA pros: Caesar Finies and Phil Soltysiak. There will be a number of other high-level freestylers and racers, too. Hope you can come and join the fun!

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