Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Gear For Sale

Our garage is overflowing. No, not with cars, silly. Garages are for windsurf gear. We have to much, so we need to sell stuff. Here's a list of things we are selling, with pictures below:
  • Gaastra Manic 5.3 HD and 5.7, 2008, $60 each. The sails are in good condition for their age.
  • Mistral Edge slalom board, 92 l, $100. 268 cm x 54.5 cm. This is an older, but amazingly fast, slalom board. It has a working adjustable mast track so newer sails work perfectly fine on it.
Mistral Edge

Gaastra Manic 5.7 (also have a 5.3 that's HD/XPly)
The gear below has been sold already (for the Hawk 95, pending a test sail):
  • Fanatic Hawk 95 from 2006, $250 - probably sold. A great little board to go fast on. I broke 30 knots on it a few years ago, but it has since been replaced with a slalom board.
  • Exocet WindSUP 10, $650 - sold. 175 l, 305 cm long, 76 cm (32") wide. Big enough to learn windsurfing on, and the daggerboard makes getting back to where you started easy. Also fun for more experienced windsurfers. Unlike many other SUPs, this board will plane, thanks to the step tail. This board has a major professional repair near the nose.
  • Maui Sails RDM 400 mast, 100% carbon, $150 - sold. Very good condition, not used much.
  • 400 cm RDM mast, 55 or 65% carbon, $75 - sold. I believe this is a Fiberspar mast.
  • JP Real World Wave 76, $180 - sold. A wave board for the really windy days or for smaller sailors.
All items are for pickup on Cape Cod (Centerville or Kalmus) only. Lowball offers will be ignored. The easiest way to get in touch with me is through the Cape Cod Windsurfers group on Facebook, where most of these items are listed for sale, too. Or leave a comment with your contact information.
Exocet WindSUP 10 (sold)

Fanatic Hawk 95 (sold, pending a test ride)

MS RDM 400 100% (sold)
JP Real World Wave 76 (sold)

RDM 400 55% (sold)

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