Friday, November 4, 2016

Another Great Hatteras Trip

We're back from Hatteras. It took a few days longer than planned - last Monday was the only day with planing winds all day long. We just had to stay - Nina needed to get that trick she was working on (and she did - more about it some other time), and I needed to do a bit of distance sailing to improve our GPS Team Challenge ranking for the month. It was a great day. Many thanks to the lovely Lisa for inviting us to stay at her house!

The wind this year was weird. We had only light wind for the entire 5-day ABK camp, which was a first. Fine by me, I love light wind freestyle! I worked a bit on my Jawbreakers and rail rides, and finally got the duck entry into Back-2-Back, so I was happy. The wind arrived for the weekend after the camp, which we spent at the W.E.T. Fall Regatta at Kashy's place. Two fantastic days of slalom racing (7.0 day 1, then 8.5 day 2), some GPS racing, and a couple of distance races. When we went to races there before, some of the top slalom sailors in the US (like Jesper and Chris) had shown up, so both Nina and I opted to compete in the "Intermediate" rather than the "Pro" races. Nina beat most guys, almost always coming in 2nd; she did manage to beat me in one of the races to come in first, when I got a bit distracted by the guy who was walking his gear right in my way to the finish line. I also managed to get a DNF in the first race, since I forgot which buoy marked the finish line. But fortunately, we had one discard, so I managed to place ahead of Nina. Close call! Lucky for me, she does not practice slalom sailing a lot. Here are a couple of pictures from the races:

During our second week in Waves, we had four more planing days, mostly on bigger sails. We were lazy this year, always sailing right in front of our house instead of driving to other spots. Apparently, it would have been worth to make the trip to the Canadian Hole on north wind days: Bart reported that it was much flatter there than in Waves, and much windier than the nearest iWindsurf meters showed. Maybe next year...

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