Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Bay!

It was my bay today. Mine alone. My precious!

It's been windy 3 days in a row now. I sat out yesterday because of colds - Nina was fighting one, and the temperatures had dropped into the low 30s. After balmy almost-50 degrees the day before, that was too cold. But today was sunny. And the wind had turned from west to northwest, a much better direction. And it was warmer - above 40ºF! That's 5ºC, for you Europeans and  Australians. That counts as warm now. You just need to dress appropriately.
Ianovated wetsuits rule! 

Nina was feeling much better than the day before, but not 100% yet, so she figured a walk on the beach would be a better idea than windsurfing today. That meant I had the whole bay for myself! Not even a kiter, seal, or shark in sight! On a sunny day, with wind in the mid-20s! Fine by me - more little waves for me to play with. Nina took a few pictures:

At low tide, the walk to the water can be a bit long on the Cape Cod Bay side:

Being too lazy for a long walk, I started my session late, and from Ellis Landing in Brewster instead of Skaket Beach in Orleans.  The sun goes down at 4:15, which kept the session short - but it sure was worth it!

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