Thursday, November 29, 2018

That's Why

Some of my readers might have been wondering why I want to go to Australia to speedsail in very weedy water. Well, it was windy in Western Australia yesterday, and the speedsurfers around Perth made a very good argument for visiting! Some highlights:

  • 26 speedsurfers from 3 teams posting sessions on GPSTC
  • 19 new personal bests
  • Top speed 41.6 knots
  • 19 sailors posting 2 second top speeds above 34 knots (9 above 36 knots, 3 above 40)
  • A 38.7 knot nautical mile, with 3 posts above 35 knots 
  • 8 alpha 500s above 24 knots, including 2 above 26 knots
Conditions must have been fantastic - 5 of the windsurfers sailed more than 100 km. The sail sizes used were mostly in the 5.8 - 7.0 meter range, with 6.2 m the most common size. Since most of these guys are "recreational" speedsurfers, it's safe to assume the wind was strong, but not extreme. The closest wind meter I could find (in Rockingham) showed wind averages of about 30 knots:
Most of this happened in Mandurah Bay, about 60 km south of Perth, WA. Here's another video from this spot:

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